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Beachin' with JORD + Giveaway!

The winter here in the south doesn't last very long. You could see that as a good or bad thing. I personally look forward to a change in temperature when it's been in the high 90's for 5-6 months but I also am a major lover of boots and sweaters. Don't get my wrong, I definitely don't miss the winters up north. You can't even dress cute for that kind of cold, but down here, you can throw on some jeans and a sweater and you're golden.
We are having some beautiful weather here right now, low 70's, ahh--my perfect temperature. So, we decided to take Tylar to the beach for her very first time! I always dress very purposefully for the beach and today was no different. I threw on my coziest jeans and top, my favorite dainty necklace, my sunnies and my new obsession, my JORD wood watch. I'm no stranger to watches, but I am to ones made out of wood. I have to say, I'm a little sad that it took me this long to find a watch that truly fits my style, but …

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