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Save the Drama for Your Mama.

Having a little girl was something I always wanted. When your daddy and I found out you were a little girl we were both shocked. A mix of emotions ran over us. A little girl, huh? Wow. I can tell you what we were both thinking because I know your daddy well enough that I can tell you he was thinking "Oh shit, she is going to be beautiful, strong willed and opinionated like her mother." I was thinking "she is going to be goofy, carefree and hard working like her daddy." I can also tell you we both knew we had a very important job and that was to make sure you grew up to be all of those things because without guidance, structure and morals you would potentially face many more challenges. Every person faces challenges, I know this, but I also believe that it's our duty as parents to make sure you have a good head on your shoulders and a strong belief system. God has gotten me through so many tough times and I want you to be able to have that support too.

I was lu…

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