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Hey guys! I hope everyone is staying warm this winter. It has been unseasonably cold here ie we got snow! And not like the little bit of frost that we've gotten before like actual making snowmen and sledding snow! I posted a couple pictures on Instagram because its most likely we won't see snow down here again for many many years. I believe the last time it snowed down here was 1989! So, now does it makes more sense why it was crucial to document this? I'm a northern girl so I grew up with snow but even I understood how insane it was and of course got my camera out. Anyways, this outfit is a mix of new and old pieces but I have so say, I am so happy that this linen look is big again this year. I totally fell in love with this dress from Free People that would be absolutely perfect for the warmer weather. I bought a few new sweaters, boots and pants this year for the cold but now I'm loading my carts with new dresses, tops, skirts, sandals and rompers. Don't get my…

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