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This Is Me-Adjusting To My New Look.

Today's post is down right honest and real; I'm talking about something that I have been personally struggling with and no, this is not being written for compliments or encouragement from others. I'm strictly writing this because when I chose to blog, I chose to open my life up to you guys. I knew I wanted to be honest and real with my readers because those are the bloggers I felt connected to and followed. They are the women I still follow and admire today because they share all of themselves-the good, the bad and the ugly. Well, this is my good, bad and ugly all in one.
Having a baby was the best experience of my life. I had the best pregnancy, the easiest delivery and the fastest recovery. I know I'm lucky and fortunate. However, when it came to my body I had a hard time adjusting to what I saw in the mirror. I had read and read articles and posts about moms talking about their postpartum body. I knew that things would obviously take awhile to get back to where I w…

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