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My Baby Must Haves....I Think.

If you read my last post you know that I mentioned doing a post about the things I have read and been told are baby must haves. I don't actually know which items I will truly enjoy and love and which items were a nice thought but totally useless. Who knows--maybe I'll need everything! I am posting about the items now and then I will re-visit this topic with the items I actually used and why and the items I didn't and why. I know there is so much information out there, who is to know what is truly a must have and what is just a nice items for pictures ha. I have to be honest, being a blogger  I am sure to purchase some items that are more show than practical but who doesn't want cute photos of their baby? Not to say that those cacti leggings make any difference but why not have an excuse to splurge a little?

Okay, so I didn't list everything that I want or have on my registry, but I did list the "major" items and some that I figured might not be used as …

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