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Surviving the Summer : Pregnancy Addition.

Well Folks, summer is in full swing here in the lowcountry! If you are preggers like me, you're already preparing for another hot summer. However, you are in luck! If you're struggling to figure out how in the world you're going to manage this summer heat with the extra weight you're putting on for your little miracle--this post has everything you will need to beat the heat for the summer!

1. Swim suits! Yayy or nayy depending on how you're feeling about all the changes your body is going through. I personally am on the yayy side mainly because I love everything about being pregnant and knowing there's a little human in there makes gaining weight and looking different in the mirror totally cool with me.
2. Summer floats, because let's be honest--the pool/beach/lake is going to be our best bet at being able to be outside and not be totally miserable. I listed some fun options instead of the typical because it's not everyday you can be #preggers, enjoy yo…

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