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Tylar Jane Pirtle - Birth Story

I have a feeling Tylar's story will be one she will be telling or hearing being told her whole life. Some of you know, but many of you don't which is why I decided to do a post dedicated to this little ladies birth. Let's start by talking about the days leading up to her birth. September 7th, Austin and I had an appointment with our doctor. We had been having check ups every week so this was pretty routine by now. At the time we had already been put on a mandatory evacuation because of Hurricane Irma so our normal doctor's appointment was a little different. I was 39 weeks pregnant and we needed the green light to travel up north to my parent's house for the evacuation. I was only dilated to a 2 and it being our first pregnancy she wasn't worried and said we would most likely be back there a week later (at our next appointment) talking about the hurricane and checking on baby once again. I hadn't had any contractions or even feelings of her being ready to …

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