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Things Having A Baby Taught Me.

The minute you see those two lines or the word pregnant, your whole world changes. We prayed about that moment for months and even years. We joyfully cried and celebrated the moment we found out and every time we heard your heartbeat, felt you kick and saw your face, we thanked God. We were and still are reminded time and time again just how lucky we are to have you. We knew several couples who went through what we did and even worse. We count ourselves lucky that it was only two years of waiting and not more. We were lucky to naturally conceive. We were lucky to have no complications. We were lucky to have been gifted everything we needed to bring you home, even though our birth plan didn't quite exactly go as planned. That was our first lesson ha. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read all about Tylar's birth story here. Anyways. The point of this post isn't to be all mushy gushy, even though there is so much to be about. This post is an honest a…

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