Hello you lovely followers, let me tell you a little bit about my life.
I am Jenn Pirtle, the face and fingers behind The Blonde Truth. I am 27, a new momma to the sweetest little girl, a teacher and a style enthusiast. I started my blog when my husband and I started our life 800+ miles away from where we grew up. I wanted to document my life for friends and family to stay in touch but in a way that was more me than Facebook. Style quickly became my go to (which was no surprise to anyone) because it has always been a passion and a constant love in my life. Being a teacher, I definitely style on a budget and enjoy creating new looks using old pieces. Follow along to see how you can re-create looks using pieces in your closet and you may even fall in love with that 10 year old sweater you never thought you'd wear again.

On June 22, 2013 I married the love of my life and college hunk. It was my absolute dream wedding because I knew after years of praying for the perfect guy and the perfect family to marry into, my dream had come true. My husband's name is Austin and he is by far the most loving, hardworking and goofy person I have ever met. He can talk to anyone about anything, where as I am very reserved at first until you get to know me, then I never shut up ha! We definitely bring out the best in each other because we are so different but so similar. No one can make me laugh or smile quite like he can :).

Tylar Jane Pirtle. Our newest addition and definitely the love of our life. She was born September 12th and her birth is a story is definitely one for the books (you can read about her birth here). I always knew I wanted to be a mom, I would dream about having kids, what they would look like and all the fun things I would do with them, but pregnancy was not an easy road for us so after a couple years of trying we were so blessed to find out that we were expecting. To any mommas out there that are dealing with the same thing, I am here to listen or to talk if you ever need someone. I remember feeling so alone at times even with so much support and prayer. I know how it feels and it always felt good to have someone who truly understood the emotions I was feeling and what I was going through.

We are the parents of two fur babies. We have an unreal love for all animals and would probably own 20 dogs if we could. Our dogs have such strong personalities and sometimes seem to act just like the two of us haha. Angus is a Sharpei mix and Bella is a Chihuahua. Both came into our lives when we were in college so they have been together since they were pups--which is probably why they fight like brother and sister ha but they are the sweetest dogs and we couldn't imagine our life without them.

This blog is mainly about fashion, but whenever I get the chance to share about my life or travel I will definitely post here!  I  have a passion for fashion and I love trying new things and being inspired by others. I love seeing your comments and am happy to hear that people actually enjoy my blog!
Thank you for following and stay fabulous!