If you follow along, you know there is one beauty company that I have been heavily working with the last couple months. Madam Glam is a company that contacted me awhile ago and ever since my first package I have been hooked! The quality is undeniable and the colors are just as beautiful and vibrant as any. I tried out a few neon colors back when the hubs and I went to Maui (you can read all about that here). I've also tried out there Gel Polishes and received the absolute cutest hot pink LED light that made me feel like I was in the salon but with the comfort of my own home. Again, I was more than happy with the colors and outcome. This time around, I chose one fall color, one spring and one summer color along with their matte top coat (not pictured). If you follow along on Instagram I posted a picture of the second color with the matte finish. The matte gives the color a different look and mixes is up, which I love. 

Because this company is so awesome and I love you all I have a coupon code for you for 30% off your order by going here and at checkout entering the code BLONDETRUTH30!

Before you exit out, I know so many bloggers promote companies just because they get free shit and I get that I mean who doesn't love free, but I would NEVER promote something I didn't love or believe in. I turn down a lot of companies because I would never actually wear their products or use them. This company has great quality products; I seriously encourage you to check them out!


**Note: This polish is straight blue glitter. I have just the glitter on my middle finger. I also tried it over top of a dark color blue and a light color blue. The dark color is this here and the light is this here.

Pictured from top to bottom:
High Standards
For a Lady
Blue Princess


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