Madam Glam.

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Snow White, Tiger Balm, Mint Cocktail, Be My Baby

Mint Cocktail worn in Hawaii
 Something about summer to me screams bright nail polish. Some people like to stay with neutrals or pretty pinks, I say I'm too young for that. Neutrals in the winter months, okay I'll give ya that, but when it comes to summer I jump right into the fun, bright colors that compliment my tan :). As many of you know I was just in Hawaii which I saw as the perfect opportunity to paint my nails something fun and beachy. That brings me to introducing to you my new favorite nail polish! Meet Madam Glam!

I have to be honest, I had never heard of their company before, but I am a sucker for nail polish so I thought why not? Well, I am so glad I took a chance on Madam Glam. Their polish is so thick and goes on beautifully. How many nail polishes do you know where you don't need two coats? After my first application I was immediately in love. A nail polish that is thick, the actual color it is in the bottle, and has a shine to it without a top coat?! Where has this been all my life!? Let me just say I was nervous with the neons because so many times I have bought awesome colors and I go to put them on and its watered down or drys really funky. This was not the case with these polishes in the slightest! What you see is what you get! The polish lasts a long time too; I wore the Mint Cocktail (seen above) the entire week in Hawaii, in the sand and water, and it never once chipped or faded. 

I also requested a white because I have seen so many white nails lately and think it looks so chic when you're not wearing a bright color. It is a great alternative to a summer nail. The white is simply stunning. It is white as can be and again, doesn't need a second coat and shines like you put a clear coat on. Now, if you chose to put on a second coat or a top coat it would just accentuate the color and shine that is already there.

Madam Glam doesn't just have nail polish, they have products for gel nails, lips, eyes and face. Make sure you check them out! I know you will love Madam Glam as much as I do and to get you started on your obsession they are offering 30% off your order when you use the code blondetruth30!



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