White Ruffles.

You've seen this dress many times on IG because I am so in love with it! It's not a maternity dress but fits so nicely for this growing bump. Unfortunately, this dress sold out super fast--I'm talking in a couple weeks, completely gone! It's not a big surprise to me that it did because the style reminds me a lot of free people but without the hefty price tag. 

I wore this dress for my baby shower down here and even with the hot heat I was really comfortable. The fabric is light weight but has a slip underneath to keep it from being see through. I don't know about you but I am finding more and more dresses being made that look fine in the store and as soon as you're out in the sun--totally see through! There is nothing more disappointing than finding a dress you like and can't wear because no matter what you wear underneath you are baring it all.

Since this dress is sold out, I found many similar options you can add to your wardrobe to wear for the rest of summer.

On a baby note, I'm officially 32 weeks and feeling great! We just got back from visiting family in Indiana and will be heading back up north in a week for my brother's wedding! The driving kinda stinks, but we stop every couple hours for the dogs so I'm able to get out and stretch my legs. Baby girl is doing well, we will have our last ultrasound at 36 weeks and get a better idea of when she might be arriving. We are so ready for her to be here! Austin and I are working hard on getting her nursery complete and when it is I'll do a full post for y'all!

I never posted about my shower from SC, so below are some pictures of the beautiful set up.

For the many, many people I didn't get pictures with, thank you so much again for making this day so special!