I could sit here all day. Water, sunshine and watching some playful dolphins--what could be better?
This maxi is on it's final days because this baby bump is making it tighter and tighter ha so I had to throw on a little plaid button up on to keep some things in place ;).

Today I am officially 30 weeks! I cannot believe in just 2 months we will be meeting our beautiful baby girl! I am definitely in nesting mode. I thought I would have been earlier but being so busy with summer school and visitors I haven't had much more than a second to myself. Now that family is gone, I am really getting in the mood. My husband laughs because most days he'll find me in her nursery organizing, cleaning, decorating etc. I don't have an exact idea of what I want her nursery to look like so I go in most days and play around with a few things here and there.

These pictures were taken right before our summer heat took off. I have to tell ya'll, taking pictures is going to be extremely hard for me right now. I'm going to stay positive and say I'll be able to handle the heat for a look or two, but the other day it was 100 degrees and just taking the dogs outside--I was sweating so bad. I told my mom, these are the kind of days where you don't even try to put on makeup.

As I sat here and took pictures, I was dipping my feet the whole time ha! I could spend all day on the May River because there's no sharks, no sting rays and no jelly fish--all the things you run into at the beach. Don't get me wrong, I love a good beach day, but lately all the wild life has been going crazy! Girls being bitten by sharks, Great White spottings...no thank you! You can find me on the May River or at the pool.


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