Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Everyone is posting, shopping and SAVING because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the public! Sadly, we don't have any Nordstroms down here which is uber depressing but luckily they always have free shipping and returns online so I never fret when ordering. I browsed through hundreds of pages of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories and have picked out my top picks from this years sale. I excluded the baby stuff but I definitely picked up our girl some goods. When the prices are this low it's hard to say no. This little girl is going to be spoiled and most likely gain a shopping addiction just like her momma...poor daddy haha.

For whatever reason all the items automatically listed the black as a default but let me tell you, this chick isn't blacking out her closet. The amount of creamy and vibrant browns out there, I cannot get enough! I clearly was drawn to all things fall. Maybe because having this belly in 100 degree weather has me craving some chill or I just really love fall attire. Either way, a lot of these items are 20-100 dollars off! You definitely can't beat that. I will list all items with their sale price and the price they will immediately go to after the sale so you know which items to grab now and the ones you could live without. We all know purchasing 100 items isn't practical, although I'm sure we all wish a 3,000 dollar shopping spree was nothing to our bank account. You know this girl isn't spoiling herself too much anymore with another lady on the way. It is so much more fun to shop for her rather than myself.

And with that being said, go a little crazy or pick up a couple items you just cannot live without!