I can't believe I am finished with my fourth year of teaching!? Where is the time all going? I feel like every time I blink another year goes by. I hope it slows down when babe gets here because I don't think I can handle time flying by like this, but by the looks of everyone's fb posts on their little ones it seems like nothing changes.

This dress is definitely not maternity but the lose fit worked out to my advantage because this bump is only getting bigger! This dress was purchased last year from Windsor so it definitely isn't available anymore but I found a lot of other cute floral items and off the shoulder items for you guys--mommas to be or not!


  1. Your off-shoulder floral print dress is beautiful - I love the dress's ruffly appearance at the neckline, sleeves, hemline, and the light airy appearance - a very pretty summer dress. Your hair and hairstyle look pretty as well.


    1. Awe thank you! The light airy look is definitely not just an appearance, this momma needs light and airy in this southern heat haha!


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