Baby Bump Stripes.

Hallelujah--it is finally the weekend! These work weeks have been crawling by...
 Each morning, my alarm goes off and a little tear rolls down my cheek. I am so not an early morning person, although I'm not a night owl either. I would say I am a hard mid-day person. I like a slow morning with a side of coffee and a night under my oversized fuzzy blanket with a side of Netflix and ice cream so, I would have to say I am definitely the most proactive and "fun" during the day ha. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about!

This dress is actually pretty old, but I'm trying everything in me not to buy maternity clothes unless I have to! Luckily, I'm still small enough that wearing all my regular dresses (that don't have a waist line) are working out fantastically. This one in particular I would buy in every color and pattern if I could find it again. The material is soft, stretchy and flattering on my baby bump. I have always been big on comfort and things are not changing anytime soon! 

As far as pregnancy goes, I am still feeling great! I am definitely one lucky momma to have had such as easy and enjoyable pregnancy so far. The only thing I have been waiting on is this so called "Lucious Hair" that people always talk about! My hair has been so dry, I have literally been able to not wash is for 10 days without it looking greasy. Yes, some would say that is awesome and it is in a way because it's low maintenance or no maintenance for that fact ha but I was hoping for some silky, long locks like all those disney characters. My main reason for telling ya'll this is to warn you of the ugliness that will be coming from my hair hence, the hat. It is just not even cute when I try to style it right now ha.