Pleated Midi.

 If wearing dresses all summer long is wrong, I don't want to be right. Truly, you can't go wrong with a lightweight, maxi or midi dress. Wear it to work, out for drinks, a tropical vacation, or even a wedding. I wore this dress a couple months ago to a wedding up north. It was perfect for dancing all night and hiding my food baby, because who doesn't stuff their faces at weddings? Now that I have a real baby bump (not just a food one) the dress is still a go to. It's loose fit is everything when you have a growing bump, human or food induced.

Many of you know I was on Spring Break last week--sleeping in and living a carefree life. Now it's back to early mornings, breakfast in the car and bagged lunches. The upside to having spring break so late in the year is that now only 6 weeks separate me from summer vacation! We have some extra days due to Hurricane Matthew that hit here early in the year, but after that it is relaxation time! I am teaching summer school again, one last time but preparing for baby will for sure be on my mind 24/7. 

I will be posting all of my baby must haves early on and then I'll revisit that post again to write about the items that ended up being useful and those that didn't. There are so many blogs and posts out there about items that you "must have" so I'm very curious to see which ones I actually use and why. I think most items are subjective to the person and baby, but then again I'm a new momma so I guess we'll see! If you have anything you think is a MUST HAVE please comment below!