High Waisted Skirt + Baby Updates!

Only 4 weeks left and this prego lady is officially on summer vacation! Well, sort of. I am teaching summer school one last time so I can really spoil this little one with some not so necessary things ha Although, I have a feeling the spoiling will come from many different people.

This belly has finally popped and everyone I work with can't help but point it out ha. My first shower is just around the corner and I'm doing a gender reveal for all of them. I promise I will share everything, but I can't promise it will be right away. I'm holding out the gender a little longer for those who will be attending my showers up north. Come to think of it, this is probably the longest I have kept a secret from people. It is exhausting, and hard not to slip up! I will be relieved once I can say he or she at work haha.

This outfit is probably one of my favorite looks I have worn preggo. I typically grab a dress because it's easy, comfortable and always fits ha, but this time I wanted to put some flare into my outfit. I picked up this high waisted skirt from H&M a couple weeks ago and was actually looking for a cute lace crop to pair with it but when the heat is in full swing and you have extra weight, a tank is more ideal. I went with a more casual vibe, grabbing for a red bandana and a pair of chucks but you could easily dress this up with some layered jewelry and a wedge or heel.

How Far Along: 20 weeks--I can't believe it!
Baby Size: The size of a Banana
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I see a pair of shorts in my near future.
Best Moment This Week: Austin finally was able to feel a kick! Every time he would try, baby would stop haha
Worst/Weirdest Moment This Week: Nothing bad but I had some Chipotle for dinner the one night and it felt like baby was doing a kick boxing class!
Miss Anything: With the weather getting warmer and warmer, I am really wanting a cold beer. I know, it's bad and I'm not even a drinker but I guess you want what you can't have.
Cravings: Sweets for some reason! I haven't had a sweet tooth at all but all of a sudden chocolate was disappearing left and right.
Sleep: I am sooo not a side sleeper so forcing myself to really stinks, but if I hug onto a body pillow I sleep fine.
Movement: Oh yes! Lots and lots!
Looking Forward To: Our appointment this week to see this little nugget again and how much they have changed!