Think Pink.

You may have noticed another big change besides my baby news. Yes, the blog received a major, much needed face lift. It was time. Although I probably change my blog more than the average person I think it is so fun to change it up and do something different every so often. It's like re-decorating or purging your closet of the old and adding new, fun pieces. Not with me there? It's okay I am a little over the top sometimes ha.

My family is coming into town tonight and it has been so long since I have seen them! I am very excited to go shopping for baby stuff with my mom. We find out the gender in only 5 short weeks and I couldn't be more excited!! I don't know how people wait the entire pregnancy to find out. Austin wanted to find out the gender next week at our 16th week appointment before he knew how much it would cost since insurance doesn't cover it. One of my good friends from college is about 6 weeks ahead of me and found out she is having a little girl! I couldn't be happier for her, I just wish we lived closer so the two could have play dates more frequent than the once every couple years that they will realistically get. Ugh, I love living here but I so miss the little moments I miss out on.

This look is super simple and easy but that has been my go to lately. I don't exactly have a cute bump yet just some extra fat sitting there that isn't cute. Although, no one can see anything that's what I see so flowy shirts have been my bestie. When the bump finally comes out I will be wearing more fitting clothes. I know some people aren't into tight clothes when they're expecting but I waited so long for this to happen I promised myself I would embrace the bump and enjoy every second of my pregnancy. 

So far I have loved being pregnant. I never had any sickness except when I had already eaten I couldn't be around food. It's like when I was done, I was really done ha, and no crazy cravings anymore. In the beginning of my first trimester I wanted beef all the time. Super weird for me and sour stuff, which again, definitely not a usual thing for me. Currently, I am just hungry and sleepy all the time. I don't think it helps that I deal with 4 year olds all day (exhausting on its own for sure) but I have been sleeping like a rock! One weird thing so far in pregnancy my body temperature seems to be off. For instance I am typically warm/hot all the time, but since I've been pregnant it's been the total opposite! One exciting moment so far was our last appointment hearing baby clearly moving all around. I am seriously in awe all the time at just how amazing this journey is.

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