Jumping In With Both Feet.

It's been so long sine my last posting I feel like I may need to like totally re-introduce myself to the cyber world. Sometimes a girl just needs a little me time, or apparently in my case a lot of me time. Well, I am here to say I am coming at cha with some serious blog dedication. A friend of mine is jumping on the blogging band wagon (go give her some love here) and having someone other than my precious husband to take pictures and plan photo shoots with is giving me all the feels. I mean, we have already planned some rockin' post ideas. I am pumped to say the least because now my posting won't be once in a blue moon. Ugh, a blogger's dream come true! You don't even realize how nutty it drives me when I'm only able to post a couple times a month--yes, you read that right a month not a week. Oh the horror. So, from now on I'm jumping totally in with both feet and dedicating much more time to this little space that brings me so much joy and love from y'all.

Okay, moving on from the dramatics. 

This top is one of about 5 I bought the other day in just different patterns. I am obsessed with the cutouts and lose fit! Summer heat is too intense here to wear anything other than a bathing suit so Spring is when I really get to play it up. Plus, florals and spring? They're just made for each other, don't you think? I scored this beauty at my local Marshalls but below are the best look-a-likes! Stay tuned for a big surprise coming your way next on the blog!