B&W Poncho.

It's looking a lot like Christmas over here in our house and I am loving every second of it! Last night our work had their Holiday party and I definitely made a lame excuse so that I could go home, turn on our Christmas tree, light candles, cuddle up with my doggies and hubby and watch the second season of Fuller House. I know, I am very lame but I've come to terms with it. I'm basically a 60 year old lady.

The weather is cooling down fast and although this is one thing my husband and I don't agree on, I am thrilled! It's bad enough it doesn't snow down here (I only really care this time of year) but for it to feel like summer was kind of seriously bumming me out. Oh, but old mother nature kicked it into gear and the temps have dropped and this girl right here isn't complaining! I've basically done a total closet re-image in the last few days switching all my tanks and summer wear to boots, long sleeves, knits and cozy leggings. I know most of you did that like months ago but down south that only takes place if we're lucky. I have a feeling I am going to get a lot more use out of my winter attire this year than I have since we moved down here. (yayy!)

Oh, and just in case you are in a no snow zone too and need some help getting into the spirit feel free to check out my Holiday playlist on Spotify. Enjoy at the bottom of this post! :)