Leather Layering.

My weekend has been super crazy...if only you could hear the sarcasm in my voice right now. Fuzzy blanket, OJ (or as most call it--orange juice), Netflix, lots and lots of soup and puppy love. These are the words that make up my weekend. Oh yes, that's right. Sick as a dog. However, come to think of it. What does that saying even mean? I know people say it but sick as a dog, my dogs are never sick sooo that doesn't really seem to be an accurate description of the pain I am currently enduring.

Anyways, I am pumped it is finally layering season! It's one thing to be able to break out the sweaters and booties but another to layer. I loveeeee layering. This sweater was a super steal last year from Hollister so I've linked similar options. I avoided buying too many sweaters in the past while living down here because I never wore them. This year is way different. My blood is now officially southern thin. I'm talking it's in the low 70's and a breeze comes by and I'm arms crossed hugging myself. Who have I become? I guess I'm going to need to get back to buying winter clothing. Not mad, not mad at all.