Bodysuit Transition.

Outfit Details:

I know I mentioned that I would have this post up and live last night but my exhaustion got the best of me! I also told you that I was going to do a series of 3 looks featuring this bodysuit and showing you how to transition it from Summer to Fall. I am two for two. Yikes.

I was going to do 3 looks but decided to do only 2. Summer, I love ya but Fall has come in and totally taken over! Am I mad about it? Absolutely not.

I tried to do a more serious vibe, not sure I'm pulling it off ha. I just put the dark lip on and felt so serious. I'm a nerd, I know. I think I probably should just stick to smiling but I so envy those who can do this serious look that turns out so sexy! I need lessons.

If you follow along you know I wore this bodysuit here and showed you how I wore it in the summer sweltering heat. I know that bodysuits are not for everyone. I was talking to a friend the other day who said she would never wear them because they show everything! I totally understood what she meant because that's how I feel about bodycon dresses. Those do not flatter everyone, but I personally think bodysuits are a little more forgiving. If you want one but think you may not like them on, shop around. This is not an item you probably want to purchase online. I personally wasn't sure how I would feel until I put it on. I loved it on me, however I wouldn't go ahead and purchase just any bodysuit I came across. Fabrics, fit and design will play a major role, so if you try one on and hate it, don't diss the idea so quickly. This bodysuit's fabric is on the thicker side and it's stretchy--which I loved. It also doesn't hurt that it's less than $15!

I'm so excited it's almost October! I am really hoping our friends have a Halloween party because I already have mine and Austin's costume picked out haha. If we end up dressing up I will be sure to post on Instagram and probably snapchat too.

Outfit Details:
Bodysuit | Sandals (major sale) | Skirt | Lipstick(black cherry)