NSale Favs & Must Haves!

If you've seen this post once, you've seen it a million times because everyone and their mother, sister, friends, aunt and grandma are pumped for this sale. Heck, your dad probably is too! They have so many good deals and I am personally having a heck of a time not spending all my money. 

I would love to take the time and share the men's deals too but I'm on summer break and personally the women stuff is always so much better so sorry you won't find men's deals here. BUT, below are all my favorites and must haves from the Nordstrom sale that will be open to the public July 22nd. If you have a Nordstrom credit or debit card you can get into the sale now for an early access peek and purchase before everyone else! If you are not a card holder, and don't feel like becoming one, you are in the right place. I am here to show you all the pieces to add to your favorites so you can quickly add them to your cart when the sale opens to the public.

NSale 2016



  1. Love the lace up flats.



  2. I love those flats too - so lovely.



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