Downtown Date Night.

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About a week ago Austin had planned a surprise weekend to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary in my favorite city ever, Savannah. If you follow me on instagram or snapchat you know I am in Savannah every chance I get. However, most times we either do a day trip or an evening trip because of the dogs so this time around it was a real treat. Austin had booked a room just for the two of us to spend the day and night in Savannah and we definitely hit some new spots that I always walked by or passed on because of our time limit. It was nice to finally relax and not being on a schedule.

Of course, being the amazing husband he is, offered to take some photos of me. He really is the best.
This is actually an outfit made up of some older pieces but I found some identical pieces for you to recreate the look if you want. I have never been a big skirt person, unless its a cotton maxi that I wear to work but lately I have really been loving a few like this one. I love that it's mid length so I can wear it higher and the lose fit gives it more of a boho vibe.

These few pictures are ones from our hotel balcony. We sat outside, listened to music and had a few beers before we walked around. It was so fun to people watch (don't pretend you don't do that) and see boats go by. It is crazy to see how big the boats are that come through the area! This was just one of them. At some restaurants down here, if a boat blows their horn you get 50% off shots!

A few of the things we did, while strolling the streets of Savannah, was stop at the cutest cafe. I had been by this place a million times but never took the time to stop in. I have to admit, I follow Julia Engel and she had just recently made a trip with her husband to Savannah & Charleston and this was one of the places she bragged about. It's so funny to me that I have been to Savannah a million times and am still finding places to go and explore. That's one of the many things I love about being apart of the blogging community. You get to learn through others and broaden your horizons.

Another stop we made while there was standing in line to get Ice cream at Leopold's. I have stood in line there once before when I was younger. I actually remember my mom making the whole family do it the first time Austin came on vacation with us and we all moaned and groaned because we stood there forever and that is not what we wanted to be doing on vacation. Now that I am older, I actually loved standing in the line. That line doesn't come out of my mouth hardly ever, but I seriously did! It was part of the hype behind getting the famous ice cream! It was hot out so of course it was a little brutal but they had people passing out cups of ice cold water which helped a lot! I ended up getting the Butter Pecan and it held up to every expectation I had, yumm!

Outfit Details: Top | Skirt | Sandals


  1. I love the range off white tops.


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