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c/o Shirt | Shorts | Hat | Sandals

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Summer has really been flying by. I was totally okay with it at first because I went straight from teaching to, well, teaching again so I was more than ready to be on complete summer break with no worries or responsibilities. Now that we only have one week left of summer school I am thinking back and wow those 4 1/2 weeks went by fast, maybe too fast. I really hope summer slows down when summer school ends because I can't start thinking about going back to school just yet. A teacher needs some time of to rejuvenate. 
Speaking of, nothing is more rejuvenating than travel and that's been really heavy on my mind lately. I don't really care where per say, I just want to go go go. I have always been one who enjoys adventure and sight seeing. Ever since Hawaii, I have had this flame inside of me burning for more! In the country, out of the country--it doesn't matter to me. I want to explore and see the world. Now, if only that was easier said than done. I am so jealous when I see other bloggers going here and there. I wish so badly that was me at times. I guess I'll just have to start my own bucket list!

Although it's not much of an adventure. This little trip to Tybee was a fun treat. I have to say I haven't ever done much when we have visited Tybee, mainly because we go out there for his job, but every once in awhile we will stop places that I end up wandering around and find gems like this lighthouse. It is right by the north side beach, I mean literally right there you can't miss it. I loved the cute little houses that were in front and next to it. I'm not sure if anyone lives in them but they looked so peaceful in such a busy area. I almost went up inside the lighthouse but didn't have cash on me (sad face). That is one thing I would be doing alone. Austin is not a height person. 

The heat that day was unreal! I remember being in the car with the air blasting and then stepping outside to take some pictures and just sweating ha. It seems like that's all I do down here in the summer, sweat. It's not exactly ideal when you're trying to look cute but my outfit was perfect for the hot weather. Something you may not know about me is I hate shirts with tight sleeves. I don't like anything being tight near my armpits, especially when it's 100 degrees outside. This top was made for me. The lose ruffles give the illusion of sleeves when it's actually a sleeveless top! I love that simple detail. The fit is light and airy but very comfortable. This top comes in a few different colors and I promise it will become one of your favorite tops for the whole year. I am definitely going back and getting it in the cream and millstone.

Outfit Details: c/o Shirt | Shorts | Hat | Sandals


  1. You look so lovely - that green colour works really well on you!



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