Scallop Top.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Summer school has started, as you may already know, but thankfully we have every Friday off so I do get to enjoy a nice long weekend every week.  We were out in the sun the whole weekend and I got a little burnt ha. Hopefully I don't peel, yikers! 
Another super exciting a couple of hours I will have a niece! It's really hard not being able to be there living so far away but we already have days booked to head there and meet the newest member of the family! I cannot wait for my phone to start blowing up with pictures. I know she is going to be the most gorgeous little thing.

If you follow along on Instagram you probably saw me post a picture of these heels when they first arrived at my doorstep. As soon as I unwrapped them I instantly put them on and fell in shoe love! They are so comfortable and the color is just what my wardrobe needed! I don't typically buy bright colored shoes and now that I have these I'm wondering why. Bright shoes are the perfect pop of color to add to any look, simple or dressy. 

This look, I feel, is a mix between simple and dressy. The top isn't currently available in stores but it is online!! I've linked everything below for you because I know you'll want all these pieces for your own closet! The top is definitely one I can see myself wearing time and time again. The Rayon fabric makes it super soft and breathable. Finding pieces that are lightweight and breathable are ideal for living in SC. Our summers are hot, I mean like makeup seems pointless to wear because in 1.5 seconds it's dripping off your face ha! Southern heat is no joke my friends. The top adds just the right detailing with the scalloped sleeves and the lace embroidering.

I also chose to do another pop of color because well, why the heck not!? I'm going all out here ladies. Color is a friend of mine. I felt like the bit of yellow was perfection and the chandelier style was just right for this top. I may or may not have worn these shoes and earrings again with another top. They are just too good and I know sometimes with color we have a hard time picturing those pieces with more than one outfit. Well, I decided I wanted to show you ladies a couple ways to wear them so stay tuned!

Big thanks to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post.


  1. Love the POP of color😍 for shoes! So fun! Yeah, I don't have that in my wardrobe either. Love the earrings too! Oh, and of course the top-super cute and flattering


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