Farmer's Market.

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You may or may not know that I live in South Carolina, right outside of HHI. We vacationed there for many years, 13 to be exact, and while my parents still come here for vacation--we call this vacation spot our home.  Just a couple minutes from our house is Old Town Bluffton--a place my dad likes to remind me came from nothing, just a bunch of shacks, a gas station and an oyster factory.  Now, it is the place to be. They have tons of restaurants and bars for possibly anything you like and the cutest little shops.  Well, every Thursday they have a Farmer's Market. Local vendors come and set up with their product or produce. It gets a little busy and is almost always tough to find parking, but we managed to find a spot and had a fun time walking around and enjoying some of the cutest shops along with some very delicious looking and smelling food. If for some reason you try to go and can't find a spot they actually offer a free trolley ride over! They have really made a name for themselves and if you plan on vacationing or visiting HHI or Savannah, Bluffton is a cute town to visit and enjoy something different. Check out their site here!
I’m a dress lover through and through. I tend to always gravitate towards the same kinds of dresses--simple, yet comfortable. When I say simple, I mean they can be worn dressy or casual. I like to always feel as if I am getting multiple uses out of it. If I'm shopping and I find a dress I like I immediately try it on. If the fit is perfect, the style is something different than what I already have and it's a decent price I'll pretty much always buy it. Now, if I am ever teetering on whether I really need it or not, if I can justify wearing it to work it seems crazy NOT to buy it!  This little crochet number from Francesca's is made out of a Rayon fabric that makes it a mix of being fitted but not tight. You know I always talk about finding pieces that are breathable because this heat is killer down here. Well, this beauty definitely does that. When we were taking pictures it was 96 degree, feels like 100 with a 55% humidity. Talk about hot and sticky! My face may have been collecting sweat droplets every couple seconds but I never once felt like my clothes were sticking to me and thats huge in my book! 
The cutest bookstore a teacher ever did see!
The inside of the bookstore, I could just die! So cute!

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