Object of Envy.

Another weekend has come and gone. Why is it that the weather is beautiful during the week and then by the weekend it decides to be cloudy and rainy? Mother Nature, this is some sick joke. Luckily enough there is only 20 days until summer!!! I am teaching summer school again this year but luckily it's only the month of June so I'll actually have more of a summer break this year. With summer coming up, there are so many exciting things happening! Road Trips, Babies (not me, my sister-in-law is due June 6), Weddings then of course the everyday lovin: pool, beach, boating, cookouts, and shopping!

Speaking of shopping; I have some major crushes going on this season. Jumpsuits and rompers are just the tip of my list. This jumpsuit has is positives and negatives. First, the material is awesome. Having to go braless you never want some cheap, thin material. The length and cuts are perfect as well. I am only 5'3 so finding jumpsuits that don't touch the ground is a rare find. Also, I like the amount of skin it shows. It's enough to feel sexy but not slutty. That's a fine line when it comes to showing skin (in my book). However, the one major thing I didn't like was the extra material by my hips. No girl wants to look like she has bigger or wider hips than she really does. Maybe it would look different on someone who is taller or a bit more curvy but on me that was something that I thought looked unflattering.

I chose to pair this drop necklace because the length was perfect and it added just the right amount of glam. The jumpsuit has so much detail you don't want to take away from it. However, I could totally see doing a big chunky necklace like this one here. It would just give you a different look, and isn't that why fashion is so awesome. Just a simple change here and there can give the look completely different vibes. My necklace is currently sold out but I am absolutely loving this one and you can't beat $6! I'm telling you, I have a really hard time spending a lot of money on jewelry when you can find amazing pieces like that for so cheap.