Flowy is a Friend of Mine.

Although I may be the worst blog post titleist I do have to say that every piece I have purchased for the summer has been super flowy and for a very good reason. Down south, summer is no joke. My dad always says that Ohio and SC both have a couple of rough months. Ohio's are the winter months (self explanatory) and SC's are the summer months. Of course we both agree we would definitely choose the hot summer months over the frigid cold ones.

I am super excited to finally have some time to post again, with summer coming up that is. Sunday's are about the only time I have to squeeze in a photoshoot here and there but with summer I will have much more time and I am ecstatic! I went on a bit of a shopping spree and picked up some awesome pieces like this top. I love the high low cut from the front to the back. It makes it a little more cropped in the front but I love that it's longer in the back which gives it that flowy feel. The neckline is also a favorite of mine because it is cut straight across making it more squared off with the cutest sewn detailing.

Also ladies, I HAVE 5 DAYS LEFT UNTIL SUMMER BREAK!! I know I know, single digits baby!!! You can freak out with me or just for me. Either way, it's super exciting and if you're a teacher I know you've been counting down too!


Top | Shorts | Hat


  1. Loving this casual, everyday look.



    1. Thanks Liv! Hope you have a great weekend!


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