Effortless is More with AEO.

The weather here has been absolutely amazing! Summer is literally just around the corner and I can taste it! We have been spending all our time outside, whether that's at the pool, beach, driving around in the car with the top off, getting ice cream or strolling through down town and getting smoothies. I am a summer lovin' kinda gal and AEO has me covered from their sleeveless ruffle hem tank to their double buckled sandals.

I have always been a huge fan of AEO's clothing and their easy going-relaxed vibes. Getting all dressed up and looking my best definitely makes me feel beautiful but nothing compares to feeling put together and beautiful without the effort, which brings me to this look. 
This tank caught my eye online the moment I saw the gorgeous open back detailing. I am a real sucker for shirts with crazy cool backs. When I was out shopping with my mom last weekend, I tried it on and fell even more in love. Of course with summer on the horizon everyone needs their go to pair or pairs of ripped jean shorts. I love the bleached wash of these and that they're high rise but I'm not losing the material in the back to cover my booty. I guess this may be showing my age but I just don't get the whole booty hanging out of my shorts look. I actually struggled for a bit finding shorts that were age appropriate ha AEO you are truly a life savor, you have no idea.

Now, the sandals. I mentioned these briefly in my Instagram roundup post. They are seriously my favorites! The leather bands are so soft they feel like suede. They remind me a whole lot of my Birkenstocks but a third of the price and although that typically means you're getting what you paid for but not with these; I honestly feel as though they could have charged double and I still would have paid for them. I would recommend them to anyone who loves the Birkenstock look but not the price.