Bath & Body.

So, it's safe to say I went a little overboard at Bath & Body Works haha. However, I did get probably the best deal ever on all of this (only $50), which I'll get to in a minute. Also, with Mother's Day coming up this is a great option for a gift. Bath & Body Works even has gift sets that are all wrapped and put together for you! You can find those here

Okay, I'm sure you're dying to find out how I got all of this for just $50! Well, I actually got it all for $25 but that's because I had a giftcard and that doesn't really help you. Here is what I did: The soap was on sale 7 for 24 and the lotion was buy 3 get 3 free. You could get a better deal than 50, I just chose to get the body cream instead of the lotion and did the 3+3 instead of the 2+1. The cream is 50 cents more per bottle so I decided eh, it's only 50 cents, but that is a definite way you could save. Then, I used the Retail Me Not app--if you don't already have this app download it now! I know you get emails with coupons but if you're anything like me they probably get ignored due to the fact that you get at least one email everyday from every store you have ever shopped in aka a sh*% ton. Retail Me Not always has the current sales and coupons for instore and online. I received 20% off, thanks to them, which brought my total to $50. Now, if $50 sounds like a lot to you think about it this way--if I would have bought all of this for the retail price, it would have cost me $123.50 without tax. Sounds a lot better now doesn't it. If it doesn't sound like a good price to you then I'll just tell you about the scents and you can pick and choose your favorites!

These are probably my favorite right now mainly because they all smell like beachy, fruity goodness. Scents like these are perfect for the summer. Warning: People may stop you on the street and ask you what you're wearing and possibly want to sniff you. Don't be offended, you smell delicious.

These scents have all been voted America's Favorite Fragrances. Paris Amour is very girly but subtle. It smells of Tulips, Pink Champagne and Apple Blossoms. 
A Thousand Wishes smells like something I would wear during the holidays.  It smells sweet like Prosecco but gentle and clean like Peonies.
Hello Beautiful is super flowery but not overwhelming. I have to say, every scent I chose I love because they are all clean smelling. 

When I chose soaps I chose ones that I know my husband would also like. For example, I'm not going to pick something super flowery because what guy wants to smell like a flower? He personally loves strong scents so that's what I went with. Strong, clean and refreshing.

Left to Right: Indigo Sky

Okay, this one was just for me :)