Water Front View.

I cannot believe March is already here! I was just texting my sister-in-law reminiscing about her first pregnancy and feeling totally blown away by how much time has passed! She is about to have her second in a few short months and it still seems unreal to me. Sometimes I forget that she's even pregnant haha. I have never felt more "live in the moment" than I have lately. It is so surreal how fast time flies and I don't want to take any of it for granted! 

There's a few things I have said I was going to do for a few years now and I am finally holding myself accountable in accomplishing those things. One being, buying fabric and finally pushing myself to play around with my sewing machine that I've had for years and never touched. I know I have this passion for sewing and creating but I keep saying "I don't have time" or "I'll do it next month when I'm not so busy" and year after year I never do it and keep repeating the following statements. Well, this year I am ending that vicious cycle and getting down and crafty! I will say, after watching Project Runway Junior and seeing how young and passionate these kids were about sewing and knowing most of them just watched youtube videos I thought, okay Jenn, you need to stop with the excuses and get to work!

On another note, this scenery. If I ever had to move, that is one of the biggest things I would miss. The water, the mossy trees, I would miss it all! I love this look with the sweater tied around my waist, but the water had a chilly breeze coming off of it and I was actually in need of my sweater on ha. Hopefully I won't need a sweater too much longer though! Oh Spring, I can just about taste you!