Waiting for Break.

I've been seeing all my teacher friends posting about being so sad their spring break is over or excited to be on spring break and I'm sitting here like "two more weeks, God I hope I make it". Our spring break always falls later in the year because they line it up with The Heritage that takes place on the island. If you don't know what The Heritage is, don't feel bad I didn't either until I moved down here, it's a PGA Golf Tournament and because of the amount of traffic and people that come it makes it almost impossible for buses to pick up and drop off kids so school basically needs to be closed down anyways. That being said, they have our SB at the same time as the heritage so the kids don't miss out on school. My parents were just here visiting for their spring break and although I was working while they were here we still had so much fun. Of course, anytime my mom comes there are a few shopping trips involved and this time a girls day filled with massages, pedis and you guessed it, shopping! I got so many cute pieces for spring break and summer which I'll be sure to style and share with all of you :). 

Now for this look. This post was such a treat for me! I was lucky enough to collaborate with Banana Republic in styling this girly, laid back look. I purchased a couple new pairs of jeans this year and had my eye on a few pairs of denim ripped jeans, but never got around to purchasing a pair so, when these ripped denim beauties showed up I was more than ecstatic! I have never purchased a pair of jeans from Banana before, mainly because I can be a bit of a cheap skate, but now I understand why people spend the extra. They fit so well and couldn't be more comfortable! Now for the top; I am all about my tank tops because down south in the summer you wear them every day or dresses and in the winter you wear them with a cardigan over it because chunky sweaters are only needed for about a week. Tank tops are everything to my wardrobe especially ones with beading and the cutest tassels. Of course, I had to finish off the look with a fedora because me and hats are like peanut butter and oreos, better together.


Big thanks to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post.

 (wearing a size Small)

(wearing a size 4)


  1. I love the tank top & the jeans look super comfortable & cute! What a great spring look :)

  2. Loving the tank -as a hair stylist I always love me some tank tops too! And a fun pair of jeans!


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