Blazers & Boots.

Happy St. Patrick's Day my lovelies!!

It's kind of crazy to think that this may be one of my last looks with pants. Of course, the weather is crazy every where this time of the year so you never know what will hit you next. It may have been in the 80's but thats not to say it could drop down into the 50's or 60's again. I just laughed so hard after I typed that because being a born and raised a northerner I would have killed for that temperature this time of year and if it did happen would have probably be breaking out the shorts because it literally felt like summer time haha. Now that I live down south my body basically thinks anything under 70 is chilly or cold. Some of you may have just read that and thought major wimp. Yes, now that I live here I am a major wimp! It didn't take long for my blood to thin and become adjusted to the luxury of having beautiful weather 10 months out of the year.

This look is actually one I would wear to work and on the weekends. We're not allowed to wear jeans, except on special occasions but I can usually get away with colored pants :). Blazers are one of my absolute favorite staples and if it didn't get so damn hot here in the summer I would totally wear them with everything!


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