Happy Valentines Day my loves!
I know most people wear their cutest valentines look on this day, but it is freezing here so burgundy tights will have to do for my dash of red. Whether you're sitting at home today watching chick flicks, going shopping and treating yourself or a loved one, or doing a dinner date with loved ones or that special someone, you should dress in what makes you feel sexy, beautiful, daring and just down right fabulous. Yes, wearing pink or red is something we classify as Valentines colors, but I will be choosing a black and white ensemble from my favorite Kate Spade for tonight.

Today's post is simple and sweet, just like today should be. I hate when people feel like they need to go out and do something elaborate. For me, spending time together is all I want and need. With that being said, the hubs and I are off to Savannah for the day!

Love you all! Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!


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