TGIF!! Seriously, I have never been so ready for a weekend as I am today! This work week has been super stressful and my hubby was out of town so I am ready to celebrate some birthdays and enjoy my time away from school.

On another note, I cannot believe March is already around the corner! March is the busiest month for me as a teacher. We have spring conferences, child find (which is an assessment for 4 year olds to see if they qualify for our preschool program), its Dr. Seuss month and of course the ever beloved St. Patties Day! I have to say, although this is the busiest month, it is definitely one of my favorite!

Just the other day I would have said this was probably my last "southern winter" look because it was feeling more and more like Spring every day until yesterday. Oh well, eventually it will be in the high 90's here and I will be wishing for some cooler weather!


Sweater | Boots | Jeans | Bandana | Hat (BACK IN STOCK!)


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