Back Beauty.

Everyone has their one or two things that they just obsess over when it comes to clothing. Some people obsess over items like purses, watches or jeans. I obsess over backs. That sounds strange, let me clarify. A shirt, dress, swim suits, whatever you name it, I love detailed backs. An item could be pretty simple but if the back makes me say wow, I will probably buy it haha. I have been that way for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure why, but back detailing is everything to me! Hence, this shirt. Simple but that back....yes. The intricate lace, the cinched waist, I love it all. Let me also say that this fabric should be the only kind used to make shirts ha; it is seriously the best fabric I have ever put on my body. American Eagle, you never disappoint. You always have the best fabrics and this was nothing short of phenomenal. Unfortunately, this shirt and scarf sold out super fast and I am in no way surprised! I wanted to post this look earlier but it was wayyy to hot to wear it when I got it. Now it's finally cool out and sold out. Ugh, story of my blogging life! Good news though, their summer line is GORG and just because these items are sold out online, doesn't mean they aren't on super sale at your local store! Hit up the sale rack and you might get a steal of a deal!

Love you all and Happy Hump Day!


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