Winter Weekend.

After having 2 weeks off for Christmas Break, this weekend felt like it lasted 5 hours. I literally blinked and my alarm was going off and I was dragging my body out of bed. I love teaching my little babies, but why is it that I don't sleep in when I can and then the minute I have to wake up early I feel like I could sleep all day?! The struggle is real. 

I will say I have been so pumped about our weather recently. It has been cold; I mean it doesn't really get THAT cold down here but still in the 30's so you know I get to finally wear my sweaters and scarfs. Oh, and these effing fantastic jeans! Some may say jeans are jeans. I have even heard people say jeans are the worst. Insert big gasp here. No joke, I am a jeans girl. However, I seem to struggle with jeans. I am a shorty so jeans tend to be too long and I end up cuffing my jeans or just dealing with the ankle scrunch. So, when you find the PERFECT pair of jeans you wear them everyday. Is that gross? Too bad. I have been living in these ever since I bought them. American Eagle is my go to for jeans. They always fit me well, they are more comfortable than the average jean and the dye is perfection. These booties are also from American Eagle. Let me tell you, I have always been a fan but they have been killing the game lately! I will have all items linked below. 

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