Walking in a Palm Tree Wonderland.

The only thing on my mind right now is surviving long enough to make it to Christmas Break. It's  less than 2 weeks away, but damn is this week dragging! It has been the most perfect weather these last couple days. It's been cool enough to wear a sweater, jeans and boots, but not so cold that you need a heavy coat. I hope it stays like that for New Years!

This outfit is nothing extravagant, but that sweater and these boots have me! This sweater is one that has been a major go to. I have been throwing it over EVERYTHING! It is just the most perfect layering piece. It's light weight, and loose fitting which makes it perfection in my eyes. Then, you have these booties. They were a major score from Nordstrom Rack. We don't have one close by here, but when I was back in Ohio my mom and I went and boy was it trouble. I think we both left with 4 pairs of shoes and a hat ha. I guess my husband should be glad they don't have one close by!


Sweater | Tank | Jeans | Boots | Hat (sold out similar here)