Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Even though it hardly feels like December or even Christmas for that matter down here. In the south, people do their very best to decorate the crap out of everything and I freakin' love it!! People put up more lights than the Grizwalds, and bigger and badder wreaths and garland than you've ever seen in your life. I've been spending every second with family since school let out for break and it has been the best gift I could have asked for. Living so far away from family, we really cherish the time we actually get to see them all.

These boots were a major score on Black Friday thanks to my mother-in-law! I had been searching for a merlot colored boot that was the perfect color and texture. I didn't want something that was shiny, or stiff looking so when I ran into these I was wide eyed in love. I love the merlot color with a nice hunter green and of course I couldn't forget a bold lip! I have everything that is still available linked below and for those that aren't, something similar! Unfortunately, the problem I am always running into is that we have Outlet Malls down here and I am struggling to find this boot. However, I found it in 3 different colors for you. I will keep my eyes open if I ever come across it!


Poncho (super old similar here and here) | Jeans | Boots (options here, here and here) | Infinity Scarf | Lipstick | Earrings | Sunglasses


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