Black Attack.

If I'm being completely honest, I hate almost all of these photos. The black background that I thought would look bad ass with this all black look actually in turn only made my photos washed out and colorless because of the suns reflection off of the wall. I actually thought about going out and re-doing this look, but you know how life goes! So just ignore how terrible the pictures turned out because this is by far one of my favorite, relaxed looks. I wish I had this shirt in every color! I wish you could see how amazing these converse are! I have wanted a pair of all white ones for awhile, but I knew they would end up being not so white ha so when I found these I was in love. It was like they were made for me! I will link everything below! Oh and these jeans....I have never worn more comfortable jeans in my life! I hope everyone is enjoying time with family and friends and getting ready for Christmas! I have a holiday post coming soon!