Not so Christmas-y.

Even though these pictures scream anything but Holiday that's exactly what is going on in my life right now. I am Holiday everything everyday. Music is blarring, decorations are being put up and all I can pinterest these days is christmas-y things and of course being a teacher I am pumped to break out our elf on the shelf. This will be my first year doing it with 4 year olds and I couldnt be more excited!! I have done it with 8 year olds but everything tells me it's going to be wayy different with them and much more fun! My second graders loved it, don't get me wrong, but I can only imagine what a bunch of 4 year olds are going to do and say when they meet our elf. 

This outfit was shot a weekend ago when the Hubby and I took a trip to Beaufort. We walked around the docks, staring at the beautiful boats and then sat for awhile on these wooden bench swings. One of the things I love most about the south is how everything is kept so natural. Living down here has even made me some what of a tree hugger haha. Not really, but when I lived in Ohio I could care less about when they would cut down trees to build whatever, but down here you're surrounded by them and they become part of what makes it beautiful so when you see trees being cut down you gasp and say things like "omg, that is so sad, it breaks my heart to see that"....who am I? That's what the south does to you though. It makes you appreciate the land and nature around OR maybe it's just me ha!


I apologize in advance for not having a direct link to outfits of mine lately. The perks of having outlets instead of malls is the amazing deals but the downside is not ever being able to find it online....ever.