Long Sleeve, Knee Length.

I wore this look last week when Fall finally decided to show it's face, and was loving this wine lip to finish off my look. I have always loved the idea of a dark lip, but never thought it would look good on me. Well, I grew a pair and decided why the heck not and I'm so glad I did! I know a lot of people personally feel the same way and the only thing I have to say is, why not? Why not try it? It's a bold color so you will most likely need to adjust to wearing it, but don't run and hide. Try to find an outfit that makes it seem less bold and you will find yourself grabbing the color more than not. This sweater was a purchase last winter and is unfortunately no longer available, but I linked a few others that are similar for you!

 Sorry to keep this post short and sweet, but I've had the worst headache for the last few days and all I want to do is not stare at a bright computer screen and relax.

Happy weekend!