So if my title wasn't obnoxious enough, I am back to blogging!!!! Hope you missed me ha.

Before I jump right into my post I want to thank the people who stuck with me through it all. I can't tell you how eye opening it was to see how many people unfollowed my pages all because I wasn't posting outfits. I use to care how many likes I got, how many pages views I got, how many followers I had etc. but after seeing how many people left and how fast they left just because I was no longer posting about clothes was exactly what I needed to see. It made me take a step back and think about the type of acknowledgement I wanted, what I wanted my blog to be about and where I wanted my blog to go from here.

  Initially, when I started my blog, it was because some major changes were happening in my life and I knew I was going to be moving 12 hours plus away from family and friends. Although social media is a great way to connect, I am not big on sharing my entire life on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Twitter limits the word usage, Instagram has to have a picture and Snapchat is all about what is happening in the moment and for 10 seconds at a time. After much thought I decided to start my blog which initially started as just my name. After a year of blogging I noticed I loved blogging about clothing. It is definitely something that I have been passionate about for a long time. Although I never went to school for fashion or dreamed of living in big cities like NY or Chicago I have always had a love for design. I say design because my love for style isn't limited to clothing. I have always had this obsession with putting things together, whether it be outfits, rooms in a house, the decor for a party, you name it. Anyways, after my blog became more of a fashion blog I changed the name of my blog to The Blonde Truth. Most fashion blogs have some catchy or flashy name that exudes their content and what they are all about. I didn't have that and needed that, or at least I thought. Not only did changing the name of my blog make me lose some amazing followers in the transition but it made me conform to the cookie cutter blogging stereotype and no one did it to me but myself. I ended up spending more time worrying about the pieces I needed to create the perfect outfit for my next post that I was stressing myself out, my husband out and I am sure my friends because I was probably a giant grouch. At work, I was focused but always thinking about posting and what outfit I would wear and how I wished I was that girl that just got a package from this company and new wardrobe from that store and omg how was I going to compete. Just like a person with an addiction or a bad habit, I needed to hit the bottom and get to the lowest point before I knew that I was going in the opposite direction that I ever wanted my blog to become. I was worrying about things that were so silly in comparison to the worries people deal with every day.

(deep breath) So. Here I am. Not starting all over, but turning things around in the right direction. The direction I meant to take this blog in the first place. I will be posting outfits still but I am taking this to a more personal place. I plan on posting about anything and everything. If you don't give a shit about me or my life I open the door for you and wish you a good one. I don't want fake ass followers that only care about my outfits or that I am following them. I want followers to connect with, build relationships with, create friendships with and give people something to enjoy because they can relate and it's not just another pretty girl posting in clothes.

So what have I been up to? If you have been a follower you know I am 25 from Ohio, moved to SC after college and got a job as a 2nd grade teacher. As of this year we had a huge decrease in students because a new school opened up and they no longer needed the 6 of us. Which brings me to today. I am now a PreK teacher and am loving every second of it. The transition was a little tough going from 7/8 year olds to 4 year olds but I couldn't be happier and feel like this was in God's plan for me all along. I am an all around happier person, way less stressed and am actually enjoying teaching. I no longer have to focus on test scores rather just letting kids be kids. With this big boost of happiness in my life I finally felt like I could handle blogging again and am coming in with a clear head and the best intentions. Stay tuned, I have a lot of fall obsessions coming your way, if you haven't already seen a billion other people's haha.