Farmer Inspired.

Dressing up on Friday as a farmer had me inspired and got me thinking. One thing about teaching that is so sad to me is how much schools have changed since I was in Elementary school. 

When I was a kid we had parties for every holiday where parents could come in, take pictures and celebrate pure happiness and joy. Kids could be kids and everyone enjoyed that day of fun! With today being Halloween, I felt very passionate about voicing my opinion on such a touchy subject these days; dressing up and celebrating holidays in public schools. Scrolling through social media many of my friends who teach are all posting pictures of their costumes they wore to work. But, being able to dress up in schools is becoming less and less accepted. It breaks my heart when I have to tell parents their kids not only don't get to dress up but they aren't allowed to have parties or celebrate. Religion is something people tend to blame and say that there are kids that don't celebrate so we can't force them to partake in holiday activities for which they don't believe in. I totally get that, however, religion has been around forever and definitely since I was little and no one had an issue back then. When our classes celebrated holidays in school we all dressed up, had parades, parties, treats and played games! Now we're told, we can't waste educational time on silly parties and if we do any kind of celebration learning must be taken place!

So many things we did as kids isn't tolerated now in school, but then I think about society! Our society in general is constantly forcing kids to grow up faster and be more mature. If it isn't noticeable in the way schools are, all you have to do is scroll through TV stations that you once watched as a child to find shows where kids don't act as kids. Some shows the kids don't even have parents! You don't have to be a strict parent to notice that no one goes outside and uses their imagination or plays kick ball or hide & seek anymore. Kids are playing on iPads, watching tv for hours and hours or play video games. Maybe I'm completely crazy in thinking things have gotten way out of control and dream of simpler times, but when you see kids say and do things that you didn't do or say until years later it makes you wonder what our world is going to become.

This post is strictly my opinion. You may completely agree or disagree, but in favor of Halloween, I hope you enjoy some of my farmer inspired looks!