Fall Favorites.

Everyone has their idea of the perfect fall bucket list. Whether that be the activities they do with friends or their loved ones, dusting off their fall wardrobe and adding to it with the latest trends, getting to stock up on Pumpkin...well, everything or just enjoying the crisp breeze and the change of scenery everyone has some list of what they want to do. I have already done a few activities to jump start my fall (which I'll share) and a few more I plan on doing. Down south the trees stay green, which is something I really miss being from Ohio. So the change of scenery is something I no longer get excited for however, the change in temperature is!

And you know what change in temperature brings??? Fabulous fall clothing!! But above clothing, and no matter what time of the year, I choose making memories over material things any day. A few things I always look forward to doing in the fall is:

Apple Picking


Corn Maze/Hayrides

Pumpkin Patch

I went to a Corn Maze in Charleston this past weekend with a group of friends. Little did we know we were able to do much more! We did the maze first, then pretended we were 5 again and jumped on this giant blown up balloon. I have not laughed this hard in a long time. I was literally crying from laughing. Not only was I laughing because I was being launched in the air every 5 seconds but kids were being flung left and right. That sounds so mean to say I was laughing at kids falling down and bouncing around helplessly, but they were coming near us to purposely get flung around. I mean if I loved being flung sky high you know those kids were loving it. Then we went to the petting zoo. I did no petting in fear of getting my fingers bitten off ha, but I did melt at all the cute animals and take tons of pictures!

Petting Zoo


Haunted Houses/Tours

I don't do Haunted Houses but my friends and I did a Historic Haunted Pub tour in Downtown Savannah. It was so fun! History, haunting and beer, what could be better? One of the places we stopped at had tons of drawings posted of Abraham Lincoln on napkins. This one was my favorite.

Drive In

Austin and I are movie lovers, but nothing beats going to a Drive In when the weather drops to the perfect temperature. You get to cuddle up with a bucket of popcorn, a blanket and my favorite, a giant pickle! There's just something about watching a movie outside that screams fall to me.

If you have kids or nieces and nephews you would probably add Trick-or-Treating to this list. If I lived closer to my nephew it would be apart of my list!
Well, that's all folks. My next post will be about my favorite fall pieces to add to your wardrobe!