A Fall Update.

If you read my last post I mentioned all the fun things there are to do during the fall or at least what I enjoy doing ha. This post is about all the other fun things that come with that fall crisp air.

The clothing, the shoes, the accessories oh my!

Yes, you can consider that Pumpkin Spice Latte an accessory. There are so many different pieces that are a must when you are putting together your fall wardrobe; starting with the perfect coat. Everyone has a different opinion of what the perfect coat is so I am giving you some options that are my absolute favorite. Nobody said you could only have one ;).

Then you have your shoes. If you thought choosing a coat that is your favorite would be hard you haven't even looked at the shoe must haves for this years season.
The shoes line was so good with just the boots alone, I made another want or need (you decide) list of flats. If I was still living in Ohio, flats are only an option for a couple months before the snow starts pilling in. However, down south you can wear flats year round.
With every outfit you're going to need a beautiful hand bag whether its flung across your chest, resting on your shoulder, thrown on your back or simply hanging from your forearm. I am a sucker for switching out my bag when the weather changes.
Accessorize. Fall accessories are so fun, there's nothing more to it. Adding a jeweled head piece, a fabulous watch or a blanket scarf to any outfit will scream I am ready for fall!
Beauty products are also something that you should look into when the cooler air comes knocking. During the summer months (if your hair is like mine) gets absolutely dried out and damaged from sun, sand and straighteners. I also am a sucker for getting my hair done and that is also a major factor in drying out and damaging my hair. I listed a few products for your hair, skin and face to help you start off the new season in the right direction.
Of course I couldn't leave out a special something for all of you lovely readers! One beauty product that I personally enjoy is nail polish. I am a sucker for a good pedi especially during the cooler months when your feet take a brutal hit. Most people only focus their attention on their piggies during the summer because they are constantly out and about in flip flops and sandals, but the winter months are just as crucial if not more. If you have been a follower you know that I worked with Madam Glam a few months ago and became absolutely obsessed with the quality and color of their polishes. You can read all about their company here

This time around I decided to try out their gel polish. I have never gotten a gel mani done mainly because I hardly ever get my nails done and especially now that I work with 4 year olds. I was excited to have my very own kit at my finger tips to try out and again I was in love with the quality and color. Of course, I was also super excited that my LED lamp was Hot Pink! My gel polish lasted 2 weeks and stayed just as shiny and beautiful as the day I applied the polish. I was amazed that it lasted as that long especially with the all hand washing I do every day. Yayy for germs haha. No, I am not a germ freak, if you had a minor brain lapse, I work with 4 year olds. If you follow on Instagram then you may have seen a picture of me showing off my first ever gel mani done by myself and thanks to Madam Glam you can too!  

 For being such an amazing reader, Madam Glam is giving you 30% off any purchase from their site! All you have to do is go here, find all your must haves and enter in the code Blondetruth30. It's that simple! I promise you will not be disappointed!! If you are someone who needs a few more opinions before you jump the gun, Madam glam has tons of followers who are just as in love as I am. See for yourself here! And of course thanks for reading and supporting mwah!