Taking a Break.

I am writing to all you amazing followers and supporters today to let you know after much thought I have decided to take a little break from the blogging world.
I would like to say there's just one reason why but there's not. I have struggled for the past year to post consistently and every other post I found myself apologizing for being so MIA. My stress levels always seemed to be through the roof trying to find time to go out and take pictures. Picture this. I go to work every day except Saturdays and Sundays from 6:45am to about 4:45pm (if I manage not to talk ha) and I am completely exhausted by that point, most likely sweating and looking like a total mess. When I get home the LAST thing I want to do it put on a fresh face of makeup and go back out and look pretty. It's more like I get home, wash my face, cannot get out of my clothes fast enough because I'm in work clothes and get ready to work out. I don't like skipping workouts because it is my main stress reliever and of course after my workouts I am absolutely sweaty and gross so forget pictures then! 

Okay, so obviously week days are a total no go. So that leaves my two days that I look forward to every Monday where I can sleep in, watch a couple of Netflix episodes before I decide to show my face to the world and again workout. After my workout and a nice, long, cold shower is when I would typically get dolled up for photos. However, these are also my days to relax and of course spruce up my lesson plans to make sure I am ready for next week and do some last minute grocery shopping. That doesn't even include having plans (which again are my only days to have them), of which I always skip posting because I choose my people over standing and posing any day. I am not here to whine and say my life is so hard and blah blah blah, I am just saying "hey, I am a real person and I just don't have time for dressing up and posting". I always wondered how so many bloggers do these amazing posts day after day. Well, because their blog is their job. They only have to worry about their post and their outfit. I am not saying that isn't work, but I chose to be a teacher as my career, not a blogger. I went to school for it, I will go back to school for it and I am super passionate about it. I would love to blog full time, but I feel like teaching was my calling and blogging was always meant just for fun.

That being said, I am also quite the perfectionist (as most teachers are) and when I would see all these amazing posts day after day right on schedule from other bloggers it was hard for me not to push myself to compete. I also would see bloggers with their own website url, a custom template and professional photography. How could I compete with that or afford that? Where bloggers spend money on all that and then some, I spend it on bettering my classroom and getting things for my kids. I spend money everyday on something for teaching and I guess if I was a full time blogger it would basically be the same thing just on clothes instead of manipulatives.

I want to thank all the wonderful brands and companies that supported me and believed in my tiny blog for 2 years. You are all fabulous and I am still in disbelief that I got to work with such amazing companies and products. I'm not saying that this leave is permanent, but I wanted to explain myself and my absence that I knew was going to be a lot longer than just a couple days.

Thanks again, and I love you all!


  1. I hope we see you back soon - come back when you're ready and we'll be here.

    Lizzie Dripping


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