Reds, Whites and Blues.

Happy Fourth of July weekend!!
I'm feeling kind of terrible....I promised you guys I was back to posting regularly, but I absolutely broke that promise. Once summer school started I found myself spending every minute busy with friends and family. We had people visiting for 3 straight weeks. Crazyness for sure but loved every minute of it especially all the minutes with my nephew. If you follow me on instagram you got to see a few pictures of his cute little ass in Savannah and his first official trip to the beach loving life. I say first official beach trip because he has truthfully been to the beach before, but it was in December and he was so ity bity and it was freezing. I know your probably thinking "you live in SC, how cold could it really have been" ya your right in retrospect it wasn't cold cold, but when you get to the beach and the wind is blowing it was chilly. That being said, Mr. Mav couldn't actually get a real beach experience till now. 

In addition to having a full house, it has been THE hottest June EVER!! I'm talking over 100 degrees everyday for 3 weeks straight. So, walking outside and trying to look cute for more than 5 seconds was nearly impossible and nobody likes to be in front of a camera when you can't wear any makeup because it is dripping down your face instantly. No thank you.

Besides all of that haha I hope everyone had the best 4th of July! It was beautiful and go figure, hot as heck, so we spent most of it at the pool. Then, it down poured, so we ended the night at a friends house. Fireworks were canceled for the night due to the constant rain so it wasn't the picture perfect Fourth of July everyone hopes for but any time your with good friend it is a good time.

*bottom of the post for all outfit details

My shirt is from last summer and my shoes are from our Sperry Outlet and cannot be found anywhere online soooo I listed a few other nautical options below for ya'll :) Enjoy!