Striped Shift Dress.

Well, school is officially out!! I have a staff day Monday and a half day Tuesday for a weather makeup day (ridiculousness) but then my summer officially starts :). I am teaching summer school again, but when the hubby works all summer and your friends do too it seems silly to not make some extra cash. Don't get me wrong it's nice to have the time off, but after 10 days or so of having nothing to do besides lay in the sun...alone, you find yourself wanting a schedule again. My life runs on a schedule so I thrive on it and feel better about myself when I have places to be and things to do. Laying around and having nothing to do is nice every once in a while but to have that for 2 months I would go crazy.

This dress is one of my favorites right now. It is structured but not tight and oh so comfortable. I feel like I've mentioned this several times, but I am thoroughly impressed with Old Navy. I may seem super blunt and rude saying this, but I always saw Old Navy as the store that tried to exude chic and fashionable, but with the worst fabric and fit. Anything I ever tried on fit weird and was NOT comfortable. Well, I am happy to say they kicked that stereotype in the rear and is actually a store I love shopping in! They have amazing prices, style and the fabric is finally on point or on fleek, whatever you like to say haha. 

Oh, and this hat? Ya, you will be very sick of seeing it. Sorry in advance because obsessed is an understatement. I will be rockin this baby all summa long! And I have my eye on this gorgeous blue one that I am hoping will be a birthday gift ;) At this rate, I may need to invest in a hat rack....ha


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