GA Peach.

It's a quick post today! As you can probably tell by my very lack of posting I have been crazy busy and blogging has been pushed to the curb right now. I haven't forgot about you guys, promise :). 

These shorts are a new purchase of mine from my favorite go to store....Target! Target is like a black hole. You go in for deodorant and come out with an entire summer wardrobe! I have to be very careful entering, especially because after a long exhausting shopping trip I always crave a nice cold starbucks drink! And what do you know, Target has that too! Ugh, Target, the things you do to a girl.

Okay, enough. I had to post a picture with the tastiest drink from yesterday. If you follow me on instagram you saw me showing off my matchy matchy. It was a GA Peach Sangria, taste buds say YUMMM. I couldn't help but notice how stinkin' cute it was that it matched my shorts (not planned) and so picture perfect!

Summer is 14 days away so stay tuned for a lot more regular postings!
Love you guys.