Striped Seersucker.

We made it back to South Carolina mid Saturday. It was a bit stressful getting home. Our flight was broken up into 3 different flights; which normally is stressful alone, but it seemed better than a straight 11/12 hour flight home. Well, our flight from Maui to LA went well, but our LA flight (for whatever reason) took their good ole' time and ended up making everyone about an hour or so late. Everyone left the flight in panic to make their connecting. We weren't as worried because we had over an hour lay over, but the flight made it so we went from a 5 hour flight directly into another 5 hour flight :(. Exhaustion was hitting in at this point. Our luck strikes again! The flight from LA to Washington was a red eye so yayy I can sleep, HA not when you feel like you're going to crash land for the ENTIRE 5 HOURS! The flight attendants were told to sit down the rest of the flight, but yet none of us were told anything about why it was so jerky. Scary! Well, because our LA flight was late so was our Washington so guess what? We missed our Savannah flight....

No worries. There was another plane leaving for Savannah 4 hours later. Austin and I went to our gate and crashed. We probably looked like homeless people. Sweaty, exhausted and just a hot mess sprawled on the floor passed out because we were on a 6 hour difference and technically for us it was 3 in the morning. We woke up about 3 and a half hours later to grab some food before we headed home only to find out our flight had been delayed another 2 hours. I wanted to just die. 
I am completely aware that this stuff has probably happened a million times before, but I do not fly often and this experience was brutal.  

Sorry for the lack of posting, and a complaining one at that.  We are adjusting to being home and the 6 hour difference. These pictures are from one of our nights out on a dinner date. Even though travel was a train wreck (or plane wreck?) the trip was amazing and the scenery was unbelievable! I tried to take so many pictures, but looking back at them, they just don't represent the beauty that is constantly surrounding you.  I will post all about Hawaii in a bit!


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