Blush Drop Waist.

Hey loves!
I can't believe it's almost summer time; boy am I going to miss the group of kids I have. They are seriously the sweetest, most loving kids! Fingers crossed my next class is just as amazing! 

This dress is one of my new favorites! The fabric is really light and breathable, making it perfect for hot summer days. I made the hubby take a few pictures for me while in Hawaii because I was actually dressing up....oh, and tan :). When I say dress up I mean actually putting on heels ha. I only wear heels when I am dressing up to go somewhere. Maybe that seems crazy, but I struggle in heels haha I can only go a couple hours without walking like I am in deep pain! It's a little pathetic and quite sad, but I just can't do heels. 

This drop waist beauty was purchased right before I flew to Hawaii so it may be available at your local Marshall's, but I couldn't find it online anywhere. Instead I posted a few other drop waist dress options below, all decently priced!



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