Polka Dots & Snakeskin D'Orsay Flats.

Hello and happy Monday readers! Apologies go out for being total MIA on here. With the school year quickly coming to an end it has been madness. Spring parent conferences, music performances, report cards, etc. All of which have made it very hard to dress up and take pictures. This weekend was a little gloomy out, but warm and I had absolutely no plans so pictures it was! This look is a mixed feelings look. What I mean by that is all the pieces in this outfit can be super casual or dressy. I would wear this outfit out and about (like I did this weekend) or to work. Also, if you are noticing the ground looks wet, is was raining, but if I couldn't go out and take some pictures for you guys I was going to lose it! It honestly bothers me when I don't have time or the weather permits me from getting out and taking photos for y'all. The pieces in this look are from Christmas time so they may all be sold out by now (sorry!), but if I can I will find very similar pieces for y'all to buy! 

Side note, have any of you seen this OLD NAVY commercial?? Well, it is no lie. The pixie pants are my shit! I literally will never buy pants (not jeans) from any where else. I went from one pair to 5. That 5 will become 10 in no time. I know I sound like a broken record but these babies are the coziest! They have stretch to them and fit perfectly, even when you're a shrimpy like me and most pants have a good 5 inches of extra fabric that gets are scrunched up at the bottom. Plus, they have such fun colors and patterns and the price is literally unbeatable! What's not to love??



  1. I love your leggings - and I know exactly what it's like to teach so I feel your pain haha!

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Thanks Lizzie! Haha ya us teachers can relate to each other.


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