Zippered Tunic.


Keeping today's post short and sweet! Last week was super nuts and stressful, but the hubs and I are preparing for our upcoming vacation (WA HOO!) so I have something major to look forward to! I also have a MAJOR shopping list brewing because when your vacationing you need some fun pieces to accompany you. Make sure to follow along on instagram because I will be updating on all the new goodies I purchase! In other news, I took these pictures very quickly before a chicken with it's head cut off kind of day began so pardon the very few shots and lack of creativity. The weather has also been a bit confusing and hard to follow. One day its blue skies and 70, then the next its cloudy, windy and in the 50's...the difference of 20 degrees can really change the options of attire.


  1. Gorgeous outfit! So jealous you are going on vacation, I could definitely use one of those right about now!!

    1. Me too girl that's why I'm planning one haha

  2. Fantastic Look !!

    From Poland With Love !!


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