Wind Blown.

Happy Saturday Loves!
I will definitely be revisiting this spot throughout the year, more so when it gets warmer out! Only a few months ago this area was nothing but land and now it is the cutest little hangout with bars, small shops, eatery galore and the most beautiful boardwalk with a view. The area is still somewhat under construction so I didn't take a whole lot of pictures of the area, but when it is completely finished I will be sure to show this place off! This sweater is a new one from (let me guess, from Christmas) yep! Unfortunately, it was such a hot seller, it's been sold out. No worries! I have some lovely options linked below for you in all different price ranges. This Bedford is also new! If you follow me on instagram you saw me showing this off when I was out and about with family. I had my eye on this beauty for years, but going from a poor college student to a poor newly graduate this was definitely out of my price range. Thank goodness for Santa, right!? The Bedford is from his outlet line so it is not online except for the Bedford clutch and crossbody and the snakeskin one below.

If you haven't noticed, the wind was a mad woman. I had to get rid of a lot of good shots because my hair was completely in the air or covering my face. There was actually one photo I legit looked like I had a mustache haha



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